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I.T. Solutions

Congratulations on securing a reseller portal. You are on the right track to making more profits like a boss. Avoid errors.

  • Your website is connected to your account on xpinomoney.com
  • Henceforth, place orders on your personal website rather than on xpinomoney.com
  • You will need to send some funds into your account (in you website) so that you can sell on the new portal.

Carefully peruse this manual for better understanding of how the portal works.


The website is self-explanatory. Note the following:

  1. Services: this includes the various products that can be bought/sold on your portal
  2. Admin Statistics: this contains important modules that will help you see how well things are going. The provider’s balance is equal to the member’s balance and portal’s net balance. The portal net balance is the available money you can trade with. Let’s say you fund xpinomoney.com with #5000. This will appear on your website under portal net balance. If you fund a user (who pays #3000 to your bank account) on your website with #3000, your portal net balance becomes #2000. Simple maths.
  3. Daily and monthly profits: appears on your dashboard for you to know your progress.
  4. Announcement: this will be activated soon. You can use it to broadcast information to your user.



  1. Prepare your price list (based on the sample at XpinoMoney prices).


  1. Go to System Tools. Click Products.


  1. You will see the levels in ‘All Plans’
  2. Start with User. Click Manage Products.


  1. It is suggested that you use the same critically decided prices that we used on xpinomoney. The choice is yours. Smile and Spectranet are in commissions. If it shows #75 as commission, it means that your user will pay extra 75naira. As an Investor xpinomoney is charging u #35, that means u gain #40. Understand?
  2. In case you want to change the prices for data, for instance mtn. Scroll down to where you have data bundle mtn. Click edit. Presently your user is buying 1gig at 480. After clicking EXIT, a page will come up. Go to where you have #480 then change it to the price of your choice. Don’t touch any other item. Just go to UPDATE PRODUCT. That’s all. DO NOT DELETE A PRODUCT. IF YOU DO, WE WILL CHARGE YOU FOR ANY REPAIR WORK.


  1. You can do same for any other product you wish to edit.


  1. The site is sensitive. Be careful. Editing on laptop is easier





  1. Go to system tools. Click ‘members


  1. You will see a list of your members. At the right end, click Manage Balance
  2. Fill in the amount then


  1. Use Change Plan to upgrade your vendors’ user levels.


  1. With LOGIN, u can easily enter the dashboard of your users in case they av some challenges. This was not possible on Xpino Market and Xpino Club Market and this gave us lots of stress.


  1. In the event of misbehaviour by a user, you can disable such account.


NOTE: Maxwel and Precious accounts are on portals to protect you.



  1. Go to System tools. Click on Bank Payments
  2. You can APPROVE (if the money is safe in your account) or CANCEL (if the payment could not be confirmed) the payment notification.


All transactions by you and users of the portal can be found in SYSTEM TOOLS > Transactions